Drink Your Water

drink more water by having it with your vitamins

The meal plan I was following recommended I drink 8 (1-cup) glasses of water a day, but how does one make that a habit that fits into the day.  I found by choosing a vitamin with a 2 or 3 per day dosage gave me the perfect opportunity to get half or a third of that in — just by accompanying the vitamin with a 12 or 16oz glass of filtered tap water.  Taking one vitamin cap in the morning before breakfast and another in the evening when I got home from work.  The Green Source vitamin (shown above) is a 3 per day dosage vitamin with many extras from puritan.com.  I also liked the Multi II capsules from puritan, which may be easier for some folks to swallow for a two per day vitamin.  This solves two problems, how to ensure we get a broad spectrum of essential nutrients, when dieting, and how to get more water in daily.

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