Make A Salad Base

make salad in containers with bagged veggies

Want to eat more vegetables?  Here’s a way to quickly have salads ready for easy customizing at meal time… By combining bagged salad, bagged vegetable medley (cauliflower, broccoli, and baby carrots), cherry or grape tomatoes into containers is a good way to have a salad base ready for additional toppings, like chopped meats, chili, etc. for a healthy alternative meal. These crunchy veggies help fill me up. The container is a 32oz (4cup) snapware.  3 or 4 of these can be made ahead of time from the above, or if  you used smaller containers enough for every day of the week until you go grocery shopping again.

I don’t know about you, but I find plain bagged salad alone to be kind of boring, but add some extra crunch, textures, and flavors, and I’m happy to eat salad day in and day out. Some veggies hold up better when they’re not chopped until its time to serve and eat, but these bagged varieties can sit a few days in the fridge without problems.  Check the bag expiration dates when shopping and pick the ones furthest into the future. Other things to add satisfying crunch and texture to my salads are chopped bell pepper, onion, celery, cucumber, radish, snap peas, and mushrooms.

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