Measure Out Your Cereal

portioning out cereal

So you try to start off your day with a bowl of whole grain bran or other nutritious sounding cereal, but how big is the actual serving size you ate?  Today’s large dishware encourages portion distortion. Most of the healthier cold cereals, or healthier canned soups have portion sizes of 1-cup or less, but most so-called cereal or soup bowls are double that size or larger yet. By having a good 1-cup measuring cup ready, like the OXO pictured above, it is easy to keep your portions in check. I like the OXO because you can read the measurements from above as well as from the sides.

get extra sets of measuring cups at the dollar store

Another good idea is to buy multiple measuring cup sets at the dollar store, separate out the sizes, and put them with the food you’ll use. Having the measuring tool right there will remind you watch how much you’re using. The one cup can go into a box of bran-flakes, the half cup or can go in an oatmeal container, a smallest size in with bagged shredded cheese, and so on. The more work I have to do to find the measuring cup and measure things the less likely I am to keep portion controls.  Having extras on hand, means I can leave them with the food container, and still have more in the drawer when I need one for something else.

turn bagged frozen veggies into individual steamers

If you get some nice reusable containers like these Newspring VERSAtainer restaurant take out containers, its easy to portion out frozen veggies that microwave steam in 3 minutes to go along with a nutrisystem entree (or your own entree creations could be held in the same containers).

Newspring's microwavable VERSAtainers in 2 and 3 compartmentsmulti-compartment take out containers with lids

Newspring also has 2 and 3 compartment containers so you could create your own diet tv-dinners.  Glad offered a version of these through retailers at one time, but when I went looking for more they weren’t cooperative and I looked up the name and number stamped in the plastic and found sells them by the case for the food trade.


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