Portion Control Containers

have single portion containers on hand

Eating more than your fair share?  Having the right tools will help you keep your portion sizes under control.  I find it helpful to have an assortment of reusable containers with lids for portion control. 1/2-cup size is great for applesauce or canned fruits. 1-cup size can be used with fresh fruit, cold cereals. 12oz-16oz (2cup) containers can hold assorted frozen vegetable mixes as personal sized steamers or used for individual entree portions. 2, 3, or 4 cup containers can hold salads that can be packed for a lunch.

Spending a few minutes portioning my food into containers makes it easy to grab and prepare an appropriate meal quickly from the fridge or freezer, and reduces the likelihood that I’ll make poor choices.

make your own healthier freezer meals with take out containers

You don’t have to settle for what the grocer or some expensive meal plan offers for “healthy meals”  With these restaurant take out containers (made for microwaving) you can create your own freezer to microwave to table portioned meals.

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