21 Day FIX program – Part 2

21Day FIX DVDs

21Day FIX DVDs

Part 2 – The Workouts of 21 Day FIX

The 21 Day FIX program comes with a seven day repeating exercise schedule.  Instead of taking days off for rest, it divides the week with what it calls “active rest days” featuring pilates-style and yoga-style workouts.   The daily workouts have a warm up section at the beginning and a cool down stretch at the end.

The workouts are about 30 minutes, but the DVDs force you to watch warnings and commercials which extend that time a few minutes longer.

  • Monday – Total Body Cardio workout
  • Tuesday – Upper Fix workout
  • Wednesday – Lower Fix workout
  • Thursday – Pilates Fix workout
  • Friday – Cardio Fix workout
  • Saturday – Dirty 30 workout
  • Sunday – Yoga Fix workout

With the Ultimate package one can optionally replace Lower Fix with Barre Legs, and Pilates Fix with Flat Abs Fix.

There’s a suggested doubles exercise schedule to use on the third week if you’re up for the challenge. (I’m not.)

  • Monday – Total Body Cardio Fix and Pilates Fix
  • Tuesday – Upper Fix and Cardio Fix
  • Wednesday – Lower Fix and 10 Minute Fix for Abs
  • Thursday – Pilates Fix and Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Friday – Cardio Fix and upper Fix
  • Saturday – Dirty 30 and Pilates Fix
  • Sunday – Yoga Fix

For equipment — a floor mat (I use several layered that for extra cushioning because of a hard concrete floor below), a couple pairs of dumbells (light and medium) or resistance bands (light and medium strength).  I have multiple dumbbells from 2 to 25lbs from doing beast workouts and strength bands from other programs.


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