21 day FIX program Part 1

21 day fix programBeachbody’s program “21 day FIX” arrived here Tuesday.  The base program or “essential package” comes with 2 DVDs of workouts, an “EATING PLAN” book, color coded containers (more below) for portioning foods, and a “3 day quick fix” diet pamphlet.   The “3 day quick fix” is suggested for the last 3 days of the 21 day program, or as a prelude to an event where you want to look your trimmest. It has a short strict meal plan for men and one for women.  The “EATING PLAN” book has all the specifics to the meal plan, categorized food lists, container equivalent conversions for some common foods (beef chili for example)  recipes, example daily meal plans, how to adjust the meal plan counts for specific needs (different workouts, gender,  weight to lose, etc.)

I got the  Shakeology chocolate/vanilla/strawberry variety challenge pack to try.  I would have normally ignored the Shakeology, but they said it would prioritize the order so I wouldn’t have to wait longer for the pre-order to be filled.   I added the “ultimate upgrade” so I’d have the 21 day fix insulated tote bag and large storage container to keep all the pieces together for storage purposes, and to have all the extra workout DVDs.  A set of resistance bands were included (10lb?) though I didn’t need another set.  Ordering through teambeachbody.com added the bonus “plyo fix” workout DVD.

The containers are recyclable #5 PP.  The care and use instructions say dishwasher top rack, and mention keeping them upright to not leak, and not storing them in freezers or overheating them with high fat foods, oils, sugar or tomato sauces.  In other words, you probably don’t want to rely upon them for anything other than measuring.  lock&lock would be better for the leak proof seal while transporting.  glass containers would be better for cooking tomato sauces, etc.

The 21 day fix food plan is based on a portion counting meal plan using the following groups:

  • Green Container (~8-9 fl oz) — Vegetable Servings
  • Purple Container (~8-9 fl oz) — Fruit Servings
  • Red Container (~5-6 fl oz) — Protein Servings
  • Yellow Container (~4 fl oz) — Carbohydrate Servings
  • Blue Container (~2 fl oz) — Healthy Fats and Cheese Servings
  • Orange Container (~ 1 fl oz) — Seeds and Oils Servings
  • Measuring Teaspoon (not included) — Oil or Nut Butter Servings
  • Shaker style Measuring Cup — Misc. Drink Servings which vary in volume
  • Snacks — measurements vary with specific item, (but count as a Yellow count in the meal plans)

The meal plan target is a 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, 30% fat distribution, minimum 1200 calorie, maximum 2300 calorie after calculating a 750 calorie deficit target depending on your current weight for weight loss.   (11 x current weight in pounds [for calories baseline] +400 [exercise calories] – 750 [calorie deficit for weight loss] = target calories for the day)  There’s a chart of container counts for each group at the following calorie target levels.  1200-1499, 1500-1799, 1800-2099, 2100-2300.  The blue and orange servings stay constant at 1 per day, but the other food groups increase with calorie level.

For myself, the target calorie equation above starts me in the 2100-2300 group with 6-veggie (green), 4-fruit(purple) , 6-protein(red),  4-carb(yellow) , 1-healthy fat/cheese(blue), 1-seeds&oils(orange) , and 6-oil or fat (teaspoons) servings per day.

I know a bit about portion counting plans from my experience with Nutrisystem’s, but I haven’t been diligent in applying it to grocery foods.  I thought maybe the plan’s recipes, and newly forming online community for the 21 day Fix program could motivate me.

I haven’t had time to read all the materials or look at the workouts, so this is to be continued….




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