90-days of Tai Cheng


After 90 days of Tai Cheng

Along with following a Nutrisystem meal plan, and some extra workouts (trying to decide which exercise program to commit to next) I’ve lost 18lbs over the past 90 day schedule of Tai Cheng.


before starting Tai Cheng

So what do I think of the Tai Cheng program after 90 days?

Over the past three months, I increased flexibility in my feet, legs, hips, and back. (It does shoulder and neck flexibility work too, but I was fine there.) I firmed up muscles in my legs substantially, and gained some core stability and strength. I improved my awareness of posture and control or form in exercise movements, and I generally feel “younger” as a result of the Tai Cheng program (along with the weight loss on Nutrisystem). The Tai Cheng program doesn’t do much for cardio (stamina) or upper body strength, where I’m still much in need of improvement, so I’m looking at the other fitness programs for the next six to nine months and will probably return to it and do the Master kit schedule of Tai Cheng when I’m more content with those areas of my fitness.  I’m currently doing Body Gospel’s program for some cardio workouts, and will probably start back with Body Beast’s program after a month of Body Gospel


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