Nutrisystem plan is back at Costco

unpacking the Nutrisystem 28-day (20 days food) plan purchased through Costco.

When I went looking to restart Nutrisystem after Thanksgiving, my first thought was to check out for their gift cards and 20-day pick your own foods plan, which was unavailable.  I’m glad to say its back!   Similarly to QVC, this is a “weekends off” shelf stable foods (not frozen) program, however I greatly prefer this to one of the “favorites” packs that QVC sells, because when you can pick your own entrees, you can try out entrees which aren’t included in the so called “favorites” or avoid things you particularly didn’t like.  I ordered the “28-day plan gift card” at, about an hour later it came through to my email.  From there I went to link at, answered some questions, and picked my foods.  In a couple of days my customized order was on the way.  Today the big brown box arrived and I unpacked it.

It came with:

  • 3 boxes of 7 Turbo shakes (you pick chocolate, vanilla, or a mix)
  • A shaker cup for mixing up the turbo shakes.
  • A measuring tool to help with portion control of regular meals (the green circle thingy in the photo above)
  • 20 breakfast entrees
  • 20 lunch entrees
  • 20 dinner entrees
  • 20 snack entrees
  • A daily tracker & grocery guide booklet

The Costco plan’s daily tracker goes over the basics of the meal plan, and has 28 daily pages for filling in or checking off your foods whether your a man or a woman.  (It isn’t gender specific.) On the back page it mentions the NUMI smart phone app which you could use in its place.

The only thing that was missing in my opinion is the “Nutrisystem eating out guide” booklet, but if you log into your account, there is a less comprehensive online version  The printed booklet is a convenient pocket size to take anywhere and has lots of information including some specific meal recommendations to order for various restaurant chains.  I’d recommend finding a copy from someone willing to give it away or sell cheaply.

Here’s to a successful 2017 weight loss resolution!

I’m down 10 pounds.


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