Nutrisystem through Groupon a best buy

Currently the Costco “weekends on your own” meal plan cards are unavailable, but there’s good news! has a discounted first month of a weekends on your own plan, where you can pick your own foods for $150 the first month, or upgrade when you’re redeeming the groupon code at to include frozen foods for another $35. Here’s the link: While the ongoing monthly costs is more than the Costco deal, the option to upgrade to include frozen foods wasn’t available with the costco meal plan card. So this is currently the best buy, which I went for.

Some days Groupon sends out “save an additional 20% or 30% on a groupon” code in email which lowers the initial groupon cost even further. The following months of auto-delivery will be at $250 or $285(with frozen food upgrade) directly billed by Nutrisystem, so the Costco discounted $100 gift cards for $79.99 will come in handy, for the next months’ auto-delivery orders. Maybe those will even be lower if they follow last years example  and discount them more in March – April.

The Groupon meal plan includes 20 breakfasts, 20 lunches, 20 snacks and 20 dinners, along with a meal tracker booklet. No “extras” like mixer-cups, turbo shakes, nutricrush bars, or green plastic meal portion thingys, but the basics are there to follow a Nutrisystem meal plan for 20 days.

Once you’re registered, the Auto-delivery orders can be moved back and forwards as well to keep the foods coming in a timely fashion. Since the regular “28-day” Nutrisystem plans don’t actually include 28 of each entree type anymore, expecting you to “flex” some lunch and dinner meals, I don’t see this 20 day version as being a problem. I would have liked the eating out guide to have been included.

Here’s the actual link they put you though to register with Nutrisystem where you’ll enter your groupon delivered code as part of the checkout process. You’ll need to enter credit card info for your auto-deliveries.

There was also a “Presidents Day” sale on Ala Carte orders at Nutrisystem for 50% off this week.  Check around other holidays for similar sales for things which didn’t quite fit into the “weekends on your own”  orders.

Did I say I’m down 20lbs since restarting Nutrisystem the weekend after Thanksgiving?

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