Diet Pizzas

small diet pizza cut in four mini-slicesMake diet pizzas out of pita bread and low fat cheese

Pizzas are one of my favorite foods.  Wanting some help with portion controls there, I looked into pizzas for one.   Most of the commercially available crusts or complete pizzas are really high in fat and calories. Nutrisystem has a couple of mini-pizza dinner entrees that are OK if a little on the small side.  Here’s a diet conscience alternative using supermarket foods.  305 calories without additional toppings, add a little meat or veggies and still have a tasty pizza under 400 calories.

pizza ingredientsPizza ingredients from supermarket


  • 200 calorie pita for the shell (Arnolds Pocket Thins in Italian Herb flavor)
  • 35 calories (2 tablespoons) pizza sauce (DelGrosso all natural New York style)
  • 70 calories (2 tablespoons) reduced fat mozzarella cheese (supermarket brand)

Spread the two table spoons of sauce over one side of the pita, top with cheese, and any additions like chopped green pepper and onion or sliced mushrooms out of a jar, chopped chicken or turkey.

Bake for 7-8 minutes (I use a convection microwave with a special pizza cycle) til  cheese melts and starts to brown.  Serve with salad or side of California style vegetables cooked from frozen.   Eating a good serving of veggies along side the pizza helps make the whole meal fulfilling.

(update: 4-12-2012 oops, I misread the labeling the pitas are technically two pockets so twice the calories I had originally posted, but still not bad considering..)





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