Homemade Butter Spread

butter and light olive oil

Looking for a natural alternative to margarine spreads?  Here’s how you can make your own spreadable butter, with ingredients available from your local supermarket. The recipe makes 1 cup of spread.  It can be easily doubled with my mini-choppers.  I let the olive oil cut the total salt in half as well as make the butter spreadable from the fridge.  If I only had the unsalted sticks, I’d look up the usual amount of sodium per serving in my favorite commercial spread, and figure out how much salt to duplicate that, so its not too bland.

Spreadable Butter Recipe

  • 1 stick salted butter
  • 1/2 cup light olive oil (I use Bertolli light)

chop the stick of butter into quarters with knife and put into mini-chopper so blades can catch the quarters (I use a power pod on top of glass bowl type or ninja prep)  Add the light olive oil (light olive oil has very little flavor of its own) and let sit for a little while, so butter softens a little, then blend, remove chopper blades and pour or scrape with rubber spatula into glass pyrex serving container with lid and refrigerate immediately for a couple hours before usage.

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