Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Part 1

The Master's Hammer and Chisel Deluxe Package

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Deluxe Package

Just in time for 2016 Fitness resolutions BeachBody has released the new workout program “The Master’s Hammer and Chisel”.  The regular program comes with the 6 standard workout DVDs, a Quickstart guide, 60-day calendar, The Program and Nutrition guide, A Shakeology labeled mixer cup, and a set of color coded portion control containers.  and If you buy through or a “coach” an extra Masters Cardio workout DVD.  The Deluxe Package adds an 8-lb medicine ball, The Deluxe workouts DVD and another set of the color coded portion containers.

My M&C Deluxe package just arrived and I wanted everyone to know its now available for sale.  The meal plan is similar to 21Day FIX, but with a quiz that is used to pick a higher or lower calorie range depending on your gender, current weight, personal activity level, and overall goals.  Similar food lists,  daily food tally sheets, but I think new recipes (I didn’t check the other programs and FIXATE cookbook) and some sample menus (omnivore, vegetarian, and grain-free) .

There are workout sheet and tally sheet PDF files available on in the Get Fit section.  The Program and nutrition guide has two more 30 day calendars.  One is Hammer focused, the other is Chisel focused.  It suggests one might want to do one or the other after finishing the original 60 day calendar.

That’s all I have time for right now….

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