my Nutrisystem 2016 reboot


Some 2016 Nutrisystem entrees

After floundering on my own for a couple of years, and needing to lose weight, I decided maybe I should try a Nutrisystem diet again.  The structured meal plan helped me to lose weight in the past.

With new car payments, I’m a little down on monthly budget available for “diet food”.  I looked at Costco, QVC, and Nutrisystem websites for low cost NS plans.  Costco no longer offered the 20 day customizable foods plan.  For me, the least expensive way to start over with fresh entrees was to do an ebay search on “nutrisystem” and order a box of Core (shelf-stable entrees only)   Second best was a “cyberweek” groupon link for $200 off at  which works out to about 45% off vs the usual 40% deals that always seem to be running.

If you’re ordering new from Nutrisystem, Costco gift cards for Nutrisystem are usually about $80 for $100 value, so you can effectively save 20% off the bill with them.   2 or 3 times a year they’ve been on sale for around $60 for $100 value, but then you’ve got to stock up on them for future orders directly from NutriSystem to keep that extra savings working in your favor.

With auto-shipments, your first shipment cost before any one time discounts or rebates will set your pricing for the rest of your orders, so its best to get that as low as possible if you have a lot of weight to lose, so will be continuing auto-shipments for many months.  I would have liked the Groupon $200 off with a Uniquely Yours (frozen foods available) plan, but I didn’t have any discounted gift cards waiting, and wasn’t sure I want to jump into a commitment of 3 months of auto-ship just yet so I went with the box off of ebay.

Several times a year has 40% off sales on “ala carte” items.  This black Friday through cyber Monday it was 50%, so I ordered some frozen meals to go with my ebay’d shelf stable foods.

I’ve noticed a few changes since the Nourish or Advanced meal plans.

Firstly of all they push a first week meal plan called Turbo10, which is lower calories and they suggest not exercising while on it.

The 7 “Turbo 10/ turbo takeoff” days consist of…

  • Nutrisystem Breakfast Entree
  • Nutrisystem Turbo Shake
  • Nutrisystem Lunch Entree
  • Nutrisystem Nutricrush Shake
  • Nutrisystem Dinner Entree
  • + 4 vegetable servings per day (you supply from a local grocery store)
  • + 64 oz water per day.
  • + no smartcarbs or powerfuels unless you have over 100lbs to lose

Secondly it appears from what I’ve read online, NS isn’t auto-shipping 28 days of dinner and lunch entrees for shipment #2 and beyond, which means “flex” meals would be required for completing 28 days, or adding “ala carte” foods in addition to your auto-delivery order, or manually bumping orders to every 24 days instead of every 28.

  • 28 Breakfasts
  • 24 Lunches
  • 24 Dinners
  • 28 Snacks
  • (men’s plan only) 28 additional Snacks? (I haven’t verified.)

Docs that come with Men’s Core program

I ordered the core entrees box off of ebay, and the Big Brown Box (BBB) of shelf stable foods arrived in time for me to start this past week.  It came with the men’s food tracker, a nice pocket sized eating out guide, other docs, and a box inside the box with turbo ten meals, shakes and meal plan book.

As I write this, I’ve started “turbo ten/turbo takeoff” and I’m awaiting the frozen meals to arrive.

Wish me success.

Update: In December 2016 (in time for January 2017 resolutions) it appears Nutrisystem changed from the “Turbo 10 plan” to the “Lean 13 plan” and just exchanged nutricrush meal bars for the nutricrush shakes that Turbo 10 used.

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