Nutrisystem Forum gone!

The bad news… Thinking about restarting a NutriSystem diet plan, I went looking for the support bulletin board system at only to find it had been completely shutdown, and didn’t have the postings archived.  No more official NS bboards…

The good news is that some of the previous NS members who frequented the old forum have made an unofficial replacement with much of the old tips and hints for following the NutriSystem diet plan available at

ns-refugeesIt requires taking the time to register on the new system so they can keep spammers and internet trolling off the boards.

Its great to have folks who are on the same type of diet, give their recommendations for what groceries to shop for, what they think of a new or reformulated entree, or how they prefer to fix up their meals with extra spices.

It is not as active as the old boards, but I still give it a big Thumbs Up!

Here’s some of the other boards on it…





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